Why Stanton

In 2018, Greg had a mission, continuing his political career at all costs. He stood in the way of democracy by removing any candidates who stood in his way. He denied the public the opportunity to have a Democratic primary and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Greg sold out Arizona’s most valuable resource, our water. He brokered a deal with the Nestle’ corporation. He allowed a large scale corporation to bottle our water with absolutely zero benefit to the people of Arizona. This all occurred during his time as the Mayor of Phoenix.

Broken Promises

Greg Stanton is the king of empty statements, Phoenix continues to be the least sustainable city in the world but he toutes his achievements as though he’s changed this. He did nothing to change the fact that Phoenix is still the least sustainable city IN THE WORLD.

One of the biggest reasons Phoenix remains one of the least sustainable is because of our water usage. Greg Stanton will brag that he’s helped improve the status of Phoenix when in reality he did the opposite. The primary reason our sustainability remains a question is because of our water and how it is used. Greg is aware of this and sold out the ground water of Arizona without any profit for Arizona, only long term damage.

In 2017, Greg broke his promise to run for Governor. He swore to use the connections he made as the Mayor of Phoenix to help the people of Arizona where they needed him most, but that’s not what happened. Not many politicians were in a position to challenge Doug Doucey, but Greg was. Instead, he focused on his own political career, going for a higher salary and decided to completely start over in Washington DC.

A Fundraiser Not an Issue Facer

Greg is a “Stock Photo” politician. He’s rarely present at Legislative District events. There’s nothing unique about his approach to politics. He is exactly what the establishment praises because he’s able to raise large sums of money from PAC’s and special interest groups, yet ignores the most vulnerable in our communities, the homeless.

Stanton was robbed during his 2018 run and received little pity from the Phoenix Police Officers. He left many issues behind and two of those issues came to a head that night, homelessness and an understaffed police force, all of the things he experienced first hand. Instead of focusing on finding solutions, he used it as an opportunity to try and gain pity during the 2018 election. He didn’t see poverty when it was directly in front of him.

Against MEDICARE FOR ALL or Universal Healthcare

Greg is AGAINST Medicare For All and Universal Healthcare. When Talia was preparing to challenge Greg in 2018, she confronted him in the halls of Phoenix CIty Council with other community groups. She addressed the council directly and didn’t run. Instead of letting voters know where he stands on the issue, he did everything to get out of it. Greg Stanton does not support a Medicare for All Program and has done nothing to help the advancement of Universal Healthcare. He’s not for fighting for issues. He is only for the issues that are handed to him on a silver platter from the establishment.

Failed Impeachment

Greg Stanton was in a very unique position that many freshmen congressmen do not have, impeaching a sitting president. He was on the judicial committee and involved in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Like all establishment politicians, he believed the impeachment was in the bag and so he set out to make grand statements with very little substance. There was no radical line of questioning and Greg played it safe following those questions put forth by the establishment. Greg did not take the extra step to ensure that Donald Trump would be impeached in both the Senate and the House. He cared about pointing out the importance of the moment, not bringing any depth to his questioning or furthering the evidence needed for impeachment. Greg toutes his legal expertise yet does not use it when it’s needed most and and we lost the impeachment of the worst sitting president in US history.

Special Interest Donors

Greg’s biggest donors are individuals from private sector development firms. He used his time as Mayor of Phoenix to get ahead on the people’s dime. He was focused on who were in the highest positions and individuals who could help advance his career through campaign donations. Property management firms and real estate industry executives are his largest donors.

I will always remember when I spoke to 14,000 people at the March for Science in 2016 where he was too busy and I was left to read his statement. I was left to wonder how many statements like this were sent to business or events across the city. It was like all of his other prepared statements, copy/pasted from a form and showed that he wasn’t entirely knowledgeable about why so many of us were gathered to stand up for Science. He didn’t grasp how important it was to stand with science or that all information about science and climate change has been removed from Government websites. He did not mention the injustices taking place and did not use his power to help the science community so blatantly under attack.

We Need Women In Congress

There are so many reasons why I am challenging Greg Stanton. If he had been a woman, none of his injustices against Arizona and our water would have been tolerated. We deserve a woman in Congress who is held to a higher standard. We need someone who understands the powers they have to help other people. Greg has shown repeatedly that he cares more about his career than what’s best for the people of Arizona. He cares more about a good sound bite than the homeless people STILL camped out in downtown Phoenix with the size only growing.

If Greg would have run for Governor like he said he would… If Greg would have fought for Arizona’s water resources and had helped the homeless, I would trust him in Congress, but Greg didn’t do those things... Instead he took the easy way up the ladder, knocking grassroots candidates out of his way, destroying our democracy in the process, all while building relationships with the developers who are turning Phoenix into a luxury apartment haven for AirBnb’s. This is not the landscape or the neighbors that Talia thinks District 9 deserves.

Talia is not afraid to challenge Greg Stanton. Talia is not afraid to challenge the establishment. Greg Stanton tried to get her out in 2018 but now he has to face his mistakes in 2020.

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