The Internet

The Internet is boundless and like it’s very own universe, from political commentary to cat memes paired with the dark web. Not all Americans understand how the internet works or the depths to its existence. The older men who have taken over our Congress during this time in history are from the “Analog Age.” Many of these individuals do not understand the many worlds of the internet.

When there is so much talk of “walls” in Arizona Congressional District 9, Talia believes we need to be focused and invest more in a “FireWall” to protect the United States. We are in desperate need of investment in an electronic barrier for our American intelligence and scientific research. This type of investment would benefit ALL departments that have contact online.

Disconnection In Congress

Over the last 20 years there has been incredible advancements in technology. This creates a dangerous environment when our current leaders are totally unfamiliar with the workings and how to properly regulate it. People are largely held unaccountable for their actions online. With an era of trolls, catfishing, and other online predators these individuals become a lot harder to process when the perpetrator and the victim are in different states with completely different legislation.

It’s time we examine the research out there from the numerous universities who have taken on the cultural changes brought on by the internet. There are scientific studies on the dangers and the solutions to these issues. However there is a fine line between security and public privacy. We must ensure we protect both while establishing a better path for our online relationships.

Cable Internet Companies

There is also another threat to our internet and that is from the individuals who are running the cable companies that deliver the internet connection. There are no longer regulations that prevent them from selling the internet in a way where you can only access websites you pay for. These regulations that were removed helped the average American like the people of Arizona Congressional District 9.

The changes that have been made allow cable internet companies to treat websites like channels. The more you pay, the more websites you can access. Like most monopolized large corporations they are having more of a say than the people who are actually using the internet. Currently these companies are making money on the data of the individuals who use their services. They want to charge people for access while also making money off of their data. This is an unbalanced system. We need representatives that understand the complexities of this issue and the many arising out of the digital age. Talia Fuentes-Wolfe is that representative for Arizona Congressional District 9.

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