Living Wage

The many problems within the United States: mental health, wealth inequality, and stimulating the economy could all be lessened if we paid people a living wage. The problem with the American economy is as profits have grown for corporations, the profit made by the person doing the work has gotten smaller and smaller. The only people profiting are those that are at the top of the business ladder.

Small Business

Talia knows what it’s like to work for small businesses within Arizona Congressional District 9 and has since she was in high school. Working directly for small businesses allowed Talia the opportunity to feel the impact she made for the local business and the community. She felt more invested in her work and what it brought to her community. She was also paid what she was worth because the owners of the businesses in Arizona Congressional District 9 were directly able to see her impact outside of monetary gain, such as customer retention because of her customer service.

This type of business interaction used to be the normal experience for everyday Americans. Now large scale corporations and telemarketing firms are employing large portions of the population, influencing the culture of the United States. People are not seeing the impact of their efforts and are becoming more disconnected from the actual owners of businesses. It’s creating discontent throughout our country because the American Dream is becoming harder to achieve.

Fight For $15

Increasing the minimum wage is the first step for the American economy to take a step forward. Talia remembers when she was first starting her family and President George Bush sent out a $300 check to every American. That is something that helped stimulate the economy but it wasn’t the kind of long term solution that our country needed. Talia wants to have a more long term impact on the lives of everyday Americans and we do this by raising the minimum wage.

Living The Reality

The people who we currently have in office do not understand the realities of everyday Americans. Talia knows what it is like to live on a $15 an hour income as a single mother. She was able to afford a small two bedroom apartment for herself and her son. It took 9 years from the birth of her son to reach the $15 an hour pay range. She is someone who understands that raising the minimum wage will cause other industries to reevaluate their wages.

The longer we wait to elect a representative who is willing to fight for a raise in minimum wage, the larger the wage gap becomes. Talia Fuentes-Wolfe will introduce legislation that directly addresses the wage disparity called “The $15” Bill. The average American can guarantee that she will always fight for their experience to be directly heard in Congress. It is time we elect a truly progressive candidate like Talia Fuentes-Wolfe.

By raising the minimum wage, we help raise the wages in all industries. This helps Americans feel valued for their work and the direct impact they’re having on the companies they work for. This step can overnight change the economic conversation and the lives of Americans. Arizona Congressional District 9 can show they want to take these steps by electing Talia Fuentes-Wolfe.

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