In 2010 Talia was in San Francisco, after getting her golden ticket from American Idol. She was waiting at the hostel for her next audition and saw on their event board they were having a movie viewing in the media room. Talia didn’t expect that going to a movie inside a hostel would have a drastic impact on her. They were showing the movie “Milk” and Talia learned about the amazing man named Harvey Milk.

Attack On The LGBT

Harvey Milk was one of the greatest warriors for the change in representation and fighting for the expansion of the rights of the LGBTQIA community. He was the first openly gay politician elected to office and then he was killed for his ideals. Now after decades of individuals standing up for their rights all across the country, the current administration has attacked LGBT rights in healthcare, employment, housing, education, the military, prison and sports. Arizona Congressional District 9 has the highest number of people under the age of 30, and a significant number of those individuals identify as a part of the LGBTQIA community.

The Far Right are trying to push these wonderful individuals back into the dark closet of the American cultural landscape. We cannot allow this to happen. The future is progress and we must consider moving forward.

No Compromise on Values

Talia Fuentes-Wolfe will be the representative to push back on the individuals hurting the LGBTQIA community. She’s not afraid to stand against hate. She supports the community based on love and she would put her life on the line just as Harvey Milk did. She supports her local and national drag queen and king communities. She has attended events praying alongside The Grand Canyon Sisterhood of Perpetual Indulgence and wept with them as we all honored the lives of the Pulse victims at the downtown Phoenix LGBT youth center.

Arizona Congressional District 9 deserves a representative who will go head-to-head with any group that is trying to hurt individuals in the community based on their sexual orientation. She cannot stand the number of injustices that have arisen against gay and transgender individuals since the election in 2016. We must not participate or indulge in a culture of silence. Arizona Congressional District 9 must give notice to the Far Right that we will elect representatives who will not tolerate their inappropriate behavior.

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