Our healthcare system is broken. If you are not wealthy and part of the elite class, you’re going to feel this burden. The impact of this broken system can be felt the further into poverty an individual rests. Talia knows this because she was the sole provider for her son and doing pretty well for a single mother. She soon met her husband and this allowed Talia to connect with an employer who was a disabled attorney.

Talia became a personal care attendant for the attorney and did everything that is required for daily living care. Talia was her driver, she took her to get her blood work, attend doctor’s appointments, and transported her from her wheelchair to the bathroom or to her bed. This provided Talia a very unique experience because her employer also could not speak. Due to her ventilator and a medical system breakdown, her boss was only able to communicate with a digital voice talker and keyboard. Talia had to be incredibly intuitive and empathetic when it came to her boss literally not having a voice.

The Accident

The system breakdown was a denial of an aerosol antibiotic. This denial of a $2,000 medication eventually led to millions of dollars in additional medical costs. If this antibiotic had been prescribed when it was needed, she would not have suffered the loss of her voice and eventually her life. Before her boss passed, Talia was involved in a car accident where she was subsequently struck by her boss’s wheelchair.

This accident is where Talia Fuentes-Wolfe suffered a nerve injury based on her neck that affects the use of her right arm. She has experienced issues in every aspect of the medical industry from the emergency department to being hospitalized to incorrect readings of her medical imaging and issues with her primary care. This experience made it incredibly apparent to Talia that major fixes would be needed and the people of Arizona Congressional District 9 deserved more. This includes coverage of medical bills, dental care, and vision.

Far too many Americans are avoiding going to the doctor and wait until they’re incredibly ill. This results in higher medical bills and less chance of a recovery. For Talia it took them four months and two hospitalizations for doctors to figure out what was wrong with her shoulder and they have still been unable to determine if she will ever have full capacity again. After a year and a half with her disability, she knew she could no longer just stand by and allow the medical system to continue to harm the American people and Arizona Congressional District 9, under the guise of medical insurance and large scale pharmaceutical companies.

Legislation is Personal

They have learned how to use the medical system against the patient via prior authorizations and lengthy processing times. This only ends in a patient’s frustration and lasting painful experiences. The process MUST change NOW because the quality of American’s lives impact the quality of the United States of America.

Talia wants to introduce specific legislation focused on targeting the biggest issue she faced during her medical care, prior authorizations. Talia wants to introduce the “Carry On Carrie Ann Act” which will allow authorizations of medications and medical procedures if they are prescribed by both a primary care physician and a specialist with an established relationship with the patient. In trauma situations, this relationship can be established with one appointment or through the emergency department.

Universal Healthcare

Talia believes in Universal Healthcare. Prior to working for a disabled lawyer and then becoming disabled herself, she would have fully supported Medicare for All, but there are established rules and legislation already built for Medicare. Creating a new system that provides the option of an individual to choose their doctor and their specialists is needed. These relationships are incredibly important while building a healthcare plan for each individual and the citizens of Arizona Congressional District 9.

It’s important that the patient finds providers they can trust. Talia has the personalized experience within the medical system, both caring for people and being cared for, to understand how important this is to the overall medical care of the patient. She will be uncompromising in making changes that will move us forward to a medical system that is focused on including the patient as part of the process of their care.

Women's Healthcare

This becomes even more important for women’s healthcare and birth control. Talia knows that agencies like Planned Parenthood are primarily focused on providing safe education and affordable sexual healthcare. Talia believes in expanding our healthcare system to include women’s health exams and screenings for multiple forms of cancer through mammograms and pap smears. Half of the people in Arizona Congressional District 9 are women and Talia wants to ensure they have the protection and care they deserve.

These are all things that should be an undeniable human right. Healthcare is an incredibly complex issue for the United States and Arizona. The majority of those issues are created by the private healthcare industry that is profiting off of people. Talia wants to create legislation to change that dynamic and deliver a healthcare system that is centered on the patient. Arizona Congressional District 9 can make a stand for themselves and other Americans by electing Talia Fuentes-Wolfe to Congress. Let’s deliver the message that we will not be bought by the private healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. We are going to fight their control and deliver a representative who fights for all of US.

Valuing Education and Science

I've watched as Arizona has transitioned to an undervalued education system, based on test scores. I’ve marched with my son, his teachers, and other Arizonins to show discontent for a President and system that doesn’t respect Science, Climate Change, Women, or the Law. As a mother with a son who attends a public school in Tempe, I understand the value in civil disobedience to help instigate change like that seen with the RedForEd movement.

My first time running for Congress was November 8th, 2016 with the goal of bringing science to Government. I was one of the only single mothers and activists in the country, on the ballot with Hillary Clinton. Since this election, my goals have evolved to include going head to head with large corporations, fighting for the average American, and delivering solutions that are validated through science. of showed me the extent an individual must go to catch the attention of the American people. despite the outcome of our elections we both made a huge impact in this state and across the country.

After the shock of the 2016 elections, Americans of all backgrounds wanted to become involved in the political process at all levels. They want to know who their candidates really are. They’re craving Representatives who are authentic people who have walked in their shoes and know the reality that Arizonans are living everyday. They want people who will not become a part of the political machine in Washington, D.C. but stay strong and confident in their values. I am that woman who will stand up to the machine and fight the injustice within.

In 2020, we have the opportunity to truly change our approach to politics in Arizona’s Congressional District 9. Traditionally, men who have climbed the political ladder, with large sums of money, being uplifted by the media thus granting them instant access to voters. Grassroots candidates are often considered unviable and ignored, when in reality my goals and values may more closely align with the needs of the people of Arizona.

These dismissive practices are hurting our democracy. It causes voters to feel disconnected and disenfranchised from the process. Thankfully, things are beginning to change because of hard work from candidates and advocates determined to bring balance to our government. We can elect Representatives that reflect our values, who lead a new approach to politics, and have a perspective that truly represents all of those in Arizona Congressional District 9, not just registered voters.

Together, we can change the face of Congress, so it looks like the people of Arizona. We are living paycheck-to-paycheck, who don’t have a voice in Congress. We do not need someone rich and powerful speaking for us. Instead, we deserve someone who understands our daily lives and can personally attest to the ways we can improve our country. It’s time for those who are disabled, those working towards the American dream and every person who calls District 9 home, to feel like they have a voice in Congress.

When elected in 2020, I will do everything in my power as a Representative within the United States Congress, to pass legislation for Universal Healthcare, to demand a fair budget that provides job creation, rebuilding our infrastructure and providing grants for states using innovative, multi-purpose, architectural solutions. This is how we begin to build a brighter future. In my office, the scientific method is at the core of our functionality from the development of public policy, to advocating for Arizonans so they receive the help they deserve as American citizens.

We can bring science and progress to America and Arizona Congressional District 9 instilling hope in our citizens. We can take back our government and that starts by electing candidates with the strength of character to stand with the people of Arizona and not fear the machine in Washington. We deserve politicians that will not just sit in their office but those who will join us in the streets as we march for, and lay down our lives for freedom.

Join me in 2020 and this can become a reality.

Thank you,

Talia Fuentes
Candidate Arizona Congressional District 9

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