Funding Federal Elections

The funding of our federal elections has become a joke. In our current system, the interests of billionaires matter more than the everyday Americans, whose experience is entirely left out of political conversations. This is because representatives focus their attention on the wealthiest and those willing to give the most to their campaign. The average American does not have an extra thousand dollars for an emergency let alone extra funds to help elect someone running for political office.

This dynamic creates a power imbalance. The people with a hell of a lot of money have a hell of a lot more say when it comes to legislation. This has also created a distrust of the political system and those who participate in it. When working against things like Citizens United, it’s incredibly hard for the people’s voice to be heard. It takes having huge grassroots support to supply the campaign with people, signs, digital promotions, supplies for volunteers, and fundraising events.

Talia's Background

Arizona Congressional district 9 is a very unique district. It encompasses the City of Tempe which has one of the youngest voting populations in the country. Almost a third of the city is below the age of 35. This changes the type of representative that is needed to connect with voters, yet Arizona media outlets focus on ladder climbing, establishment politicians who do not fit the demographics of the district. Our representatives have become nothing more than stock photos on a website who can fundraise from the highest dollar donors. This is not what our founding fathers intended for a Representative for the average American.

Talia has done years of public speaking, being on air with KWSS and KUKQ. She understands how the media works and loves interacting with people. However, Talia is up against the Democratic establishment and requires the help of donors. They judge Talia not on her merits or what she’s given to the world, she’s judged by the amount of money she’s able to raise. Well Talia doesn’t believe in relying on money from corporations or PAC donations. She believes in the support of Americans like those in Arizona Congressional District 9.

Federal Clean Elections

When elected, Talia will introduce legislation to establish a clean elections fund. This fund is similar to what we have here in Arizona for legislative candidates. Having a Clean Elections Program would enable everyday Americans to have the financial support to take on establishment candidates who are only focused on climbing the political ladder. This would change the political landscape and the type of people we have representing us.

Talia’s goal and ambition is to change what we perceive as a representative. She’s read the Federalist Papers and it intrigues her how far away we’ve come from where we started. Representatives used to be people who could have come from nothing, with nothing to lose and only wanting to make the world better for generations after them. We’ve gotten so far away from those who should be representing us. We do not need a stock photo, ladder climber for a representative. We need someone like Talia Fuentes-Wolfe to bring us into the future.

Fighting At All Levels

There was a time when our representatives were not afraid to stand up for what is right at every turn. They understood the trauma experienced by the common American and the obstacles one must face. It’s time we go back to when our representatives actually looked like us. This only happens if you provide resources to people who would not traditionally have the ability.

Creating a Clean Elections Program will provide better connected representation for the people of Arizona Congressional District 9. We need a representative who enjoys connecting with their constituents and not just through fundraisers. A Clean Elections program would allow representatives to attend local Legislative District meetings and other such events, without the pressure of fundraising. Until this is possible we must continue to support our grassroots candidates who want to truly make a difference in getting our system back on track.

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