Talia is a product of the Arizona Public Education System. Her son is currently attending public school and entering high school this year. She has seen the differences from when she was a child and what her son is experiencing now. They’ve cut music and art from elementary and middle schools. These programs are only at specific schools and a parent must do extensive research on which school will be the best for their child.

Talia believes that all children deserve to have art and music in their schools. She understands how valuable these programs are to a child’s mental health. The current Presidential administration had slashed the budgets for the arts at all levels. We must have representatives that are willing to stand up and fight for the arts.

Music and The Arts

Talia credits her playing the french horn and singing in musical groups as what has given her the confidence to stand on the stages of Congress and provided her with the coping skills to handle the stress of the job. Her connection to the arts and music is another drive to her passion for change. The arts give people of all backgrounds the opportunity to process their emotions through creation. Talia uses the benefits gained to take on tough challenges and come up with creative solutions based on scientific research.

Children are the future of our country and teachers need to be valued like doctors or lawyers. They’re helping steer the minds of the next generation of our country. Talia can not understand why education budgets are always the first to be up for negotiation. She will fight at all levels to bring attention to the issues within the education systems of Arizona and Congressional District 9. Things are not changing nearly quickly enough and people are stalling. This means we must shine a bright light on the issues and raise red flags so that state legislatures can take action.

Funding Public Colleges

Talia is the product of public education and so is her son, who’s heading into his freshman year of high school within the Tempe school system. She understands the problems with our public education systems especially when it comes to our college system. Talia has had to take the long road when it comes to education because of her want to be a mother, needing to supply steady income and wanting to make a difference within her community.

The current system is not set up for the lives of the people in the 21st Century. Family structures are changing and people are penalized when applying for their FAFSA, the form needed to know what funding a family is eligible for. Talia understands this system, it’s errors and how it impacts a student’s ability to finalize their education.

We must supply public education until a bachelor degree. Our knowledge has grown so fastly and it’s important that our society is well informed. Having our education systems extended to include college is necessary for our nation’s future. Talia knows how important education is and she wants to include a financial incentive for students to complete degrees in fields where there is a high demand.

Join me in 2020 and this can become a reality.

Thank you,

Talia Fuentes
Candidate Arizona Congressional District 9

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