Climate Change

During the current Presidential administration, the funding for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has been slashed and cut to the bare minimum. This means our citizens and the United States weather alert systems are severely at risk. We must continue to fund and fully support any scientific agency that helps our first responders and researchers. These are the individuals who are on the front lines battling the impacts of our changing climate.

The debate on climate change is stopping us from creating concrete solutions for the United States and those States experiencing climate change disasters, from increases in storm activity of ice and snow to deadly tornadoes, hurricanes, and heat waves. Arizona Congressional District 9 is one of these states that must be concerned about the effects of a changing climate.

Restoring The Budget

Planning for disaster is not always easy but thanks to science and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, we are able to understand how weather functions and how it will impact places like Arizona Congressional District 9. Unlike 50 years ago, today, we are able to predict the path of a storm, the specific areas that are going to be impacted, and areas that will experience the side effects from extreme weather, like the California wildfires. Our weather monitoring systems provide us with time sensitive warnings and gives us the ability to quickly update and inform the individuals who will be impacted. Until we are able to pass legislation such as the Green New Deal, we can help the climate problem NOW by restoring the budget to such an important and instrumental agency that helps every industry and American in the United States.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is a world wide weather monitoring agency but it also handles grants related to our changing climate. Restoring their budget will allow scientists to continue to find smart and ingenuitive solutions to climate problems. Arizona Congressional District 9 has the opportunity to show we not only believe in science, but we support the benefits and protections it brings to our society and our daily lives.

As a representative, Talia will fight for solutions to climate change and not by just submitting legislation while Congress is in session or attending fancy fundraisers when it’s not. She will be in the streets marching, speaking to news organizations, and connecting with community leaders to ensure that every American feels their voice is being heard. We are in a time that demands a new kind of leadership. Arizona Congressional District 9 deserves a representative who understands the need for action NOW and Talia Fuentes-Wolfe understands what needs to be done TODAY.

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