Talia Fuentes for Congress

Talia Fuentes for Congress





SCIENCE and Equality

Bringing science into the political process will allow us to confront our biases and craft solutions based on evidence rather than prejudice.

TECHNOLOGY and Sustainability

Green technology will help us protect our environment and create quality jobs to reinvigorate the American Dream.

ENGINEERING and Innovation

The application of engineering principles to modern processes will better prepare us for the problems we face today and in the future.

ART and Compassion

Art is key to developing empathy: it helps dissolve conflict, prejudice and inequality. Investing in art will help us achieve a richer, more compassionate future.


Bringing mathematical reasoning into our political process will make our policy questions and answers more precise.


Talia Fuentes is an applied biologist with years of experience in the educational and scientific community—and with deep roots in our state. A 3rd generation Arizonan, Talia was raised in her District by a bipartisan family. Talia’s travels all over the world, working on issues affecting wildlife and the environment, have taught her the value of the scientific method in enriching our experiences and enabling us to understand each other and our world. Talia is the proud single mom of a ten year old son, Max, and a dog named Monkey.




  • Climate Management
  • Immigration
  • Marijuana Reform
  • Second Amendment
  • STEAM Education
  • Retirement Security

Climate Management

We need to move past the question of whether climate shift is occurring and move forward with the science community in managing the effects of a dynamic climate on people, fish, wildlife and habitats. The livelihood of America’s farmers, ranchers, miners and commercial fishermen depend on better science in federal environmental policy.


Current immigration laws and quotas are not founded in facts: in reality, more geographic freedom improves our security and our economy. Innovations like biometrics can help us have smarter borders without creating militarized entry points or barring refugees. The positive correlation between economic growth and increased immigration is well-established and should be considered in immigration policy.

Marijuana Reform

Good laws are marked by their ability to solve problems and improve the lives of the people who live under those laws. By this measure the prohibition on marijuana completely fails as good public policy: the laws against marijuana use cause far more harm to individuals and communities than marijuana itself. Legalization is a sound course.

Second Amendment

We need to fund research through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to inform policymakers on what legislative measures would be most effective for reducing gun violence. We can do more to reduce gun-related injuries and deaths without jeopardizing our second amendment rights or interfering with sportsmen/women who hunt responsibly.

STEAM Education

Today’s students need to be prepared for tomorrow’s jobs in technology and healthcare. They need science and engineering skills to meet the challenges of a shifting climate. Access to high-quality STEAM education should not be tied to the wealth of a student’s particular community. Federal levelling funds can ensure that all kids have access to high quality STEAM programs in their schools.

Retirement Security

Income assurance and quality homecare are essential to a retirement security. To ensure that Social Security remains fully funded as Baby Boomers reach the later stages of life, we need to remove the cap on income subject to the Social Security tax. To make it easier and more affordable for people to remain in their homes with dignity throughout their lives, Medicare should incentivize in-home managed care.

Our District

District 9 is predominantly suburban, overlapping Tempe, the Ahwatukee Foothills, and parts of North Phoenix, Mesa, and Chandler. Our district is home to the rapidly growing ‘Silicon Desert’ corridor in Tempe and Chandler, the Biltmore business district, the downtown areas of Tempe, Mesa, and Chandler, and the main campus of America’s largest public research university, Arizona State. This culmination of technology, business, and education makes Arizona’s 9th district a leader in technology, scientific research and innovation.